• Sustainable and versatile ton packaging solutions
  • Sustainable and versatile ton packaging solutions


Sustainable and versatile ton packaging solutions

Introducing our product, the ultimate sustainable and versatile tonne packing solution, designed to revolutionise your logistics and storage needs. Using the highest quality materials and advanced engineering, this innovative product has a range of benefits, features and parameters that make it an industry changer.

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Our products are carefully manufactured using eco-friendly and durable materials. The core ingredient is a specially formulated blend of high-strength recycled polymers that ensure exceptional strength and resilience. A waterproof barrier is also incorporated into the packaging to protect the contents from moisture and ensure their integrity during transport and storage.


Sustainable solution:
Minimises the environmental impact by utilising a significant proportion of recycled materials, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Enhanced protection:
A water-resistant barrier protects tonnage from moisture, preventing damage and maintaining product quality.

Superior strength:
The advanced polymer blend provides superior strength, enabling the packaging to withstand rigorous handling, stacking and transport.

Accommodates a wide range of products, including industrial materials, bulk goods and commodities, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Features reusability and long life, resulting in significant cost savings by reducing frequent re-purchases and minimising product loss or damage.


Secure closure system:
Our products have a reliable closure mechanism that ensures the contents remain securely closed throughout the logistics process.

Customisable sizes:
The pack is available in a wide range of sizes, offering tailor-made solutions to meet specific tonnage requirements.

Lightweight design:
Despite the robust construction, the weight is light, optimising payload capacity and reducing transport costs.

The packs are designed for efficient stacking, maximising storage space utilisation and ease of handling.

Clear labelling:
Each pack is fitted with an eye-catching labelling area, enabling clear identification of the contents and simplifying stock management.

Relevant parameters and uses

Load capacity:
The product is designed to hold several tonnes of weight and is suitable for heavy duty industrial applications.

The pack is available in a range of sizes, including length, width and height, allowing for versatile use in different industries.

Transport modes:
The product is compatible with a variety of transport modes, including truck, rail and sea, ensuring seamless logistical integration.

Industrial applications:
This tonnage packaging solution is ideal for industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing and agriculture, where the safe transport and storage of bulk materials is essential.

Take your tonnage packaging to the next level with our product, a sustainable, durable and versatile solution that optimises efficiency while minimising your environmental impact. With Kokusen products, you can experience enhanced protection, cost savings and peace of mind at every point in your supply chain.

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