• Sub-bags – Efficient Loading and Receiving Solutions for Large Goods
  • Sub-bags – Efficient Loading and Receiving Solutions for Large Goods


Sub-bags – Efficient Loading and Receiving Solutions for Large Goods

Introducing GUOSEN Sub-bags, the ultimate solution for efficient loading and receiving of large goods such as sand, tea, and other bulk products. These innovative bags are expertly designed to optimize the handling process, ensuring convenience, durability, and reliability every step of the way.

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Crafted from high-quality, industrial-grade polypropylene, our Sub-bags are built to withstand heavy loads and resist tearing, offering exceptional strength and longevity. The material is also waterproof, protecting the contents from moisture and ensuring their integrity during transportation and storage.


Enhanced Efficiency:
Sub-bags streamline the loading and receiving process, saving valuable time and resources. Their large capacity allows for quicker filling and emptying, optimizing productivity and reducing overall handling costs.

Durability and Protection:
Constructed with reinforced stitching and sturdy materials, these sub-bags provide robust protection to your goods. Their resistance to tears and punctures ensures that your valuable cargo remains intact and secure, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

Weather Resistant:
Our Sub-bags are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, protecting the contents from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors. This feature makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Large Capacity:
With generous storage space, Sub-bags accommodate significant quantities of bulk goods, reducing the number of bags required and facilitating efficient loading and unloading.

Easy Handling:
Each Sub-bag is equipped with reinforced handles, allowing for comfortable and convenient transportation. The handles ensure a secure grip and facilitate smooth movement, even when the bags are fully loaded.

Customizable Options:
We offer a range of customizable features for our Sub-bags, including color, size, and printed branding options. This allows you to personalize the bags to suit your specific requirements and enhance your brand visibility.

Relevant Parameters and Use

Load Capacity:
Our Sub-bags are available in various sizes, ranging from [X] to [Y] cubic meters, with load capacities of up to [Z] kilograms. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, and industrial processes.

Ideal for Bulk Goods:
GuoSen Sub-bags are designed to efficiently handle bulk materials such as sand, tea, gravel, or other similar products. Whether you need to transport or store these goods, our Sub-bags provide a reliable and practical solution.

Flexible applications:
These bags are ideally suited to warehouses, distribution centres, construction sites and other situations where large goods need to be loaded and received. Their versatility ensures they can be adapted to a variety of industries and applications.

Our products give you the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and convenience. Simplify your loading and receiving processes while ensuring the safe transport and storage of your valuable bulk goods.

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