• High quality heavy duty container bags
  • High quality heavy duty container bags


High quality heavy duty container bags

Introducing our heavy duty container bags, the perfect solution for the efficient and safe transportation of goods. These versatile bags are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals looking for a reliable and durable packaging solution. Primarily designed to improve efficiency in sorting, collection and transportation. It is available in round and square versions with a hanging tail and discharge opening for easy discharge of the contents, so it can be used according to the application. Sizes range from 500 kg to 2 tonnes and there is also a weatherproof version suitable for outdoor storage. It can also be compactly folded before use, so it does not take up space in stock.

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Our container bags are made from high quality polypropylene granules. This material provides exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that your goods are protected during transport. Reinforced stitching further enhances the integrity of the bag, making it suitable for heavy loads and rough handling.


Soft and durable:
Heavy duty polypropylene fabric ensures exceptional strength, allowing the bags to withstand rigorous handling and heavy loads.

Weather resistant:
Our container bags are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, protecting your goods from moisture, dust and UV rays.

With their reusable nature and long service life, our bags offer a cost-effective packaging solution that reduces the need for frequent replacement.

Easy to load and unload:
The bags have a wide mouth and convenient top opening, making loading and unloading of goods effortless and improving operational efficiency.

Space saving:
When not in use, our bags can be folded flat to save valuable storage space.


Labeling options:
Document pockets can be created on request and labels or markings can be inserted for easy identification and organisation of goods.

Lifting handle:
The reinforced carrying handle is strategically placed to ensure ergonomic lifting and handling, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Multiple sizes:
A wide range of sizes are available to suit all storage and transport needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.


Material Polypropylene fabric
Weight capacity varies depending on the size of the bag, from 500kg to 2000kg
Sizes Available in a wide range of sizes including length, width and height options
Colours Neutral tones for a professional look
Quantity Minimum order 20F containers
Uses Our heavy duty container bags are ideal for a wide range of applications, including
Shipping and logistics Safely transporting goods by land, sea or air, ensuring that they are protected throughout their journey.
Warehousing and storage Store and organise items efficiently in warehouses or storage facilities, maximising space utilisation.
Construction and industrial sectors Transport heavy equipment, construction materials or industrial supplies safely and easily.
Moving and relocation Packing and transporting personal belongings during residential or commercial relocations, providing peace of mind and easy handling.

Invest in one of our heavy duty container bags today and experience the perfect combination of reliability, durability and convenience. Whether for personal use or commercial use, these bags are the ultimate solution for your storage and transportation needs.

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