• Flexible container bags – an efficient and durable solution for all your storage needs
  • Flexible container bags – an efficient and durable solution for all your storage needs


Flexible container bags – an efficient and durable solution for all your storage needs

Material: Made from high quality, heavy duty polypropylene fabric

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Unmatched flexibility:
Flexible container bags offer exceptional flexibility, enabling you to store and transport a wide range of goods with ease. They conform to the shape of the contents, optimising space utilisation.

Exceptional durability:
Made from high-quality polypropylene fabric, these bags are extremely durable and ensure long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments.

Cost-effective solution:
With our products you get a cost-effective alternative to traditional rigid containers. These bags are reusable, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Efficient handling:
These bags are designed with lifting rings for easy handling and transport using forklifts, cranes or other machinery.

Enhanced protection:
The polypropylene material has excellent resistance to moisture, UV and chemicals, protecting your goods from the elements.


Large capacity:
Flexible container bags are available in a variety of sizes, providing ample space to hold a wide range of materials and products.

Reinforced stitching:
These bags are carefully crafted with reinforced stitching to ensure superior strength and prevent any potential leakage or damage.

Easy to fill and empty:
The flexible container bags are equipped with a top fill opening and bottom discharge opening, simplifying the loading and unloading process and saving time and effort.

Stackable design:
The bags have a stackable design, allowing for efficient use of vertical space during storage or transport.

Customisable options:
The flexible container bags offer customisation options such as printing logos, labels or handling instructions on the bags, allowing you to personalise them to your specific requirements.

Relevant parameters and uses

Load capacity:
Flexible container bags are available in different load capacities, ranging from 500 kg to 2000 kg, ensuring versatility across industries.

These flexible container bags have a wide range of applications in industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, food processing and chemicals. They are ideal for storing and transporting bulk materials, including grain, fertiliser, sand, gravel, chemicals and other industrial products.

Safety standards:
Flexible container bags meet strict quality and safety standards to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Invest in flexible container bags today and experience the ultimate combination of flexibility, durability and efficiency for all your storage and transport needs.

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