• Vacuum Storage Bags – Maximise space and simplify storage
  • Vacuum Storage Bags – Maximise space and simplify storage


Vacuum Storage Bags – Maximise space and simplify storage

Material: Made from high quality, airtight, durable composite material

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Optimises storage space:
Vacuum storage bags revolutionise your storage capacity by compressing bulky items and maximising your available space. Say goodbye to cluttered wardrobes and drawers and hello to a more organised living space.

Enhanced protection:
These bags provide airtight and waterproof protection for your belongings. Protect your items from dust, moisture, insects and odours, ensuring they stay clean and fresh during storage.

Easy to use:
The vacuum storage bags have a simple and efficient vacuum sealing mechanism. Using any standard vacuum cleaner, you can extract air from the bags and reduce them to a fraction of their original size in a matter of minutes.

Versatile storage:
From seasonal clothes and bedding to blankets, pillows and bulky winter coats, the SpaceMax bags can hold a wide variety of items. Free up valuable wardrobe or under-bed space without compromising the safety and condition of your belongings.

Travel friendly:
These bags are perfect for travel, allowing you to pack more efficiently and save space in your luggage. Keep your clothes organised and protected while you're on the go.


Multiple sizes:
We offer a variety of sizes to suit different storage needs. Choose from small, medium, large or jumbo bags to ensure there is an ideal size for whatever you want to store.

Durable and reusable:
Vacuum storage bags are made from high quality composite materials for durability. They are designed for reuse, allowing you to store and organise your items over multiple seasons or during travel.

Clear design:
The bags have a clear panel that allows you to easily identify the contents without opening the bag, making it easy to find specific items.

Prevents mould and mildew:
The vacuum storage bags are airtight and prevent the growth of mould and mildew, keeping your items fresh and free from moisture.

Easy to store:
The bags can be neatly stacked or folded for easy storage in wardrobes, under beds or any available space.

Relevant parameters and uses

Vacuum storage bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit different storage capacities. Choose the size that suits your specific needs, from small bags for individual garments to giant bags for larger items.

Ideal for home and travel:
Vacuum storage bags are versatile and suitable for both home storage and travel needs. Whether you are looking to organise your home or pack efficiently for travel, these bags are the perfect solution.

These vacuum storage bags can be used with any standard household hoover, making the vacuum sealing process quick and hassle-free.

Experience the magic of vacuum storage bags and change the way you store and organise your belongings. Use these reliable and convenient storage bags to maximise your space, protect your belongings and simplify your storage solutions.

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